Christmas craft (wreaths this time)

 Another good idea I had for Christmas craft is wreaths.  Everyone likes a bit of nature craft don’t you think??

I have made a couple.  I am testing the longevity of wreaths made from the grape vine versus wreaths made from the native tree on our nature strip (I don’t know what it is) versus the insane groundcover that has consumed my entire front garden.

I did see a wreath made of bay tree branches on Pinterest as well.  That’d be great.  Once it was dry you could keep it for cooking.  

However I have discovered that wreath making is not necessarily super kid friendly.  The creeper was easy to manage.  The grape vine was a bit tricky.  I think adults may need to be involved in making the wreath shape.  

And I found that wire ties are much easier to manage than string.  Anyway, kids can definitely do the decorating with flowers etc.  

And they look so beautiful I bet parents would be willing to help make them!


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