$28 well spent

In addition to my new Crocs this is what I got for my money at the fete.  

It includes (but is not limited to):

  • An Octonauts t-shirt for Hughie (and a 2 pairs of shorts and a polar fleece) 
  • A Quiksilver rashie for Pricey
  • Mambo board shorts for Cade
  • A bright pink rashie for Tahlia, and 
  • A great khaki Rip Curl cap.

I also got India a lovely dress, Jemima some fun fun fun ugboots and a great middle of winter scarf for me.  Oh, and some purple Lululemon 3/4 exercise pants (I need to do more exercise and I am sure a nice outfit will motivate me??!)

My second hand Christmas shopping is starting to come together now … 

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