multi-tasking (or making a mess in numerous locations at once)

  I interrupted my green curry making to use the coconut cream cans to make concrete doorstops … I know.  I am ridiculous.

Remember those concrete doorstops I pinned last week? Well I had a brainwave on the weekend of making them using tin cans as the molds.  

And then a further great idea on Monday of repurposing the leather that I got from Sue last year (and made into necklaces which didn’t sell) for the handles of the doorstops.

So mid-curry I paused and quickly implemented these ideas.

Now I have pots and mess all over the kitchen and concrete in bowls outside.  Along with washers and wire and scissors and a variety of spoons and scoopers and plastic containers spread through my studio and the laundry.

I need to stop writing this post RIGHT NOW and clean up before I regret it (particularly the concrete).

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