who wants to be a billionaire?

I went to the op shop and bought … Billionaire!


I ❤️❤️❤️ this game so much.   I am pretty sure I used to play it at my friend Gail’s house when I was little. 

I have been on the lookout for this game in REAL SHOPS for a long time.  But haven’t come across it.

Then, hello Savers Ringwood.  $2.99.  All the cards there.  And the instructions.

We have been playing it all weekend.  I’m thinking of it as family therapy … A healthy way to yell really loudly at each other.  Which we all feel the need to do sometimes right (or is it just my children who seem to yell at me all the time and everyone else’s kids are perfect?)

Anyway, if you too need some yelling therapy and want a game just let me know … It’s fun!


  1. Hmmm! We still have ours too. Wonder who you were referring to? Have put it out again to take to our next family do. Thanks for the reminder!!

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