is maroon the new red (my new bike)

I found a new bike!  

It’s so cool!  ❤️❌❤️❌❤️

I took a lunch break at work and called in to Johnny F’s to buy fruit and then I thought I would put the fruit in my car and go for a walk around the block … 

And this bike was out the front of someone’s house as I went to my car.  

And it’s ace.  

So I brought it home.

I pumped up the tyres.  

And sanded off some of the rust.

It has 10 gears.  They are on the frame – reminiscent of the column shift on the old Kingswood that was the car of my childhood …

Anyway ❤️.

my new bike as I found it (I’ve since sanded off some of the rust)


  1. What a great find! Looks like my bike (actually my little sister’s old bike) it is a similar shape & has the same gearing set up. The downside of an old bike is that they are damn heavy to lift!


    1. That’s so true! I couldn’t lift it on to the roof of my car (I have a bike rack) and had to bring it home in the boot.

      And my friend Kylie told me this afternoon that it is exactly the same as hers, which was her teenage bike … 80s!!!


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