ceramic spoons

So, I bet you might have guessed that I would plunge in to my Pinterest projects?

First up … the spoons.  

As with everything pottery related, they were harder to make than I originally anticipated.  The first lot I made were too thin and the handles broke when I picked them up.  

My second attempt (these) are big and fat. They started life dessert spoon size.  I’ll be fascinated to see how much they shrink in the drying/firing process.

I am a novice at this biz.  Today when I went to Northcote Pottery I talked to the guy at the front desk about ‘cooking’ the pottery … And then I realised just how uncool I was … 

I self-corrected.  But still … uncool.

So I have 3 more cups getting fired for the final time.  And then four spoons, a number of little bowls and a plate being bisque fired.  And then they need to be glazed and fired again.

It’s hard to believe that the blue/grey will end up black, but it will.

And for these ones I put an extra coat of underglaze on.  I want that black to be black, black … Fingers crossed!


  1. Ha! I think cooking sounds way cool.. you’ll start a new trend. Spoons look ace – looking forward to seeing how they turn out.


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