some crafty ideas for Christmas 

I have been thinking about Christmas presents and making things.

Here are some ideas I have gathered in …

1.  Ceramic spoons

Look at the variety here.  Have you noticed that ceramic spoons are everywhere …  I reckon I could make some!

2. Concrete doorstops

I love these.  I found them on Pinterest.  Here’s the link to Craftgawker if you are similarly inspired.

3. Cute cards

I can manage a bit of doodling in a snowflake pattern.  I could make something like this.

4.  Painted chopping boards

These come from a creative soul.

5. Recycled bike tubes

My Aunty has requested a bike tube planter for Christmas.  Like the ones I made earlier this year.   I am also contemplating other great ideas for bike tubes.  Like this necklace which was sold by palepink on Etsy.

Or these pots.  Can’t find the original link, but I am going to give them a crack!


  1. Ooo – improve the bike tube pots. Very clever. And the spoons are ace. There seems to be a lot of people whittling them too. It’s a spoonfest out there.


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