op shopping western port style

I think I might need to visit Balnarring beach every week.  Not only does it have a lovely bush caravan park, but there’s also a super op shop.

It’s at the church at Balnarring (near the shops) and it has fixed prices (love) and great stuff.  

I went for half an hour and got 2 dresses, a fun pair of pants that still had tags and had never been worn, a pair of thongs and a book.  

And I admired the bargain 80s pottery that was left, right and centre.  All the lovely old holiday houses are slowly shedding their 80s paraphernalia. 

I was thinking of Kate who has a blog gluten free lunchboxes … She says she’s always on the lookout for interesting food styling props.  I can imagine a big pumpkin soup or something very tomato-y and winter-y photographed in this fun pot.

  And of course, I love these stoneware plates.  They always catch my eye.  They make all appetisers look extra appetising!

And I now have op shop regret over these big candle holders.  They would look good on my dresser, or at the front door.  

I should have snapped them up for $3 for the two …

If you are on your way to Flinders, Balnarring, Red Hill, Merricks or Shoreham you should drop in.  It’s pretty good!

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