spring op shopping (part 2)

I have had a week off blogging …. Did you notice?  I have been busy on other stuff.  But now I am back!  

And as the weather has changed (let’s face it from icy cold to boiling hot overnight) I have been reviewing and updating my wardrobe for Spring 2015. So this is a bit of a link in with my very lame last post ….

Anyway, I am seriously contemplating the purchase of a great new NEW pair of shoes (I NEED square chunky heels, don’t I?  EVERYONE else has them now!). 

But as always I am committed to the op shop for the rest of my outfit.  This season I started my update by referencing this.

Yep, the Pantone colour chart for Spring 2015.  There’s still a lot of black and white around in the shops, but in terms of colours, the blues and greens are getting softer I think.


So I’ve paired my corky’s from last year with this new to me and new second hand singlet (What I mean is that I got it at the op shop but it had it’s tags on and no one had worn it).

I have worn this top a couple of times already with my denim skirt and I like it a lot …  And I have bought a couple of other things too!

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