the train carriage (farm ❤️)

Sometimes I wish I lived on a farm. Maybe Mezzy’s with this spectacular view of the Grampians.  

Or Lu’s with this view …  

But the real reason I want to live on a farm is for things like this!

Lu has been telling me for ages that she wants to renovate a train carriage for her office. Sounds like a good idea I thought.

But until I went to the farm on the holidays and actually checked out the carriage she had there – and that has been there like forever sitting in a corner storing oil barrels and farm chemicals (for goodness sake) – I was a bit non-committal in my enthusiasm.

But now … OMG. It is quite frankly the best train carriage you ever did see. Lined with timber on the inside. Insulated like you wouldn’t believe. Amazing. And a project of manageable size. I hope Lu gets on with it like, next week.

  Go Lu, go! Get it moved to somewhere on the farm with a great view and access to power. Paint it. Whack in some glass doors. Build a verandah … It’s gonna be so ACE!

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