a second hand Christmas – a warning for those who are too hard to buy for …

The thing about a second hand Chritmas is that novelty gifts are cheap and can be bought by the dozen at op shops.  Because op shops are the resting place of all unwanted novelty gifts, aren’t they?  

Op shops invariably have good collections of jumpsuits that say ‘daddies little angel’ and cups with ‘i❤️mum’ printed on the side.

And they also have some unique crackers in the way of novelty presents.  Like this ripper that Mezzy’s picked up recently.    

An eye massager.  It has batteries and sits quite firmly on the bridge of one’s nose (ouch) and vibrates so that it makes your nose itch terribly.  

Any benefits to the eyes are more than outweighed by the irritation to the nose.

I wonder who will be the ‘lucky’ recipient this Christmas …

I’m guessing it’ll be the person for whom it is impossible to find any other suitable gift … And it won’t (fingers crossed) be me!  I am starting a list right now to ensure Mez (and everyone else) knows all the things I’d like (more).


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