project dining chairs – day two

Sometimes projects are just a lot of mess.  And much trickier than you imagine. 

Take for example my dining chairs.  I painted them yonks ago.  And I’ve had a plan for ages to cover them with band posters.  

But I’ve been wondering where to get the posters from.  They really had to be big ones because they had to be at least 38 cm wide.  And I’ve been driving past all the paste up posters around the traps and dreaming about them on my chairs.

And then on Friday I was on Smith Street and there they were…  A whole lot of paste up posters that someone had taken off the wall and left sitting on the ground.  With some black and white ones on top. Perfect.  I have been looking for black and white ones in particular.

So I hacked through the thick layers of posters pasted together over time with my car key, folded them up and brought them home.   

And then proceeded to try and separate the posters out from each other which created a huge, huge, huge amount of mess.  See?  

But by the end of the day I had covered two of the chairs.  I managed to get the posters thin enough with a combination of ripping and steam ironing.  Then I glued them on the chairs with PVA glue and used the plastic squeegee that I use for screen printing to make sure all the air bubbles were out. 

I still need to sand and varnish them … But you get the idea right?  Fun, fun, fun.



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