tuesday – ideal for a bit of reorganising

On Tuesday Elise helped me reorganise my house.  

I took down the hooks at the front door that although theoretically fun actually meant that there were endless bags and junk greeting you as soon as you walked in to the house.  

And I replaced them with the great big mirror that Elise bought me on EBay for only $5.  We picked it up in Gisborne when we went away for Dad’s birthday earlier this year.  

And I got a rusted old pot out of the garden.  And put it with my little PNG couple.  And the old ink wells the nice man at Camberwell market gave to the girls that time.  It’s a cute collection.

And I picked some lillies from the garden and put them in a vase.  Accompanied by some candles.  

And voila.  A MUCH tidier entrance.  And I even managed to bring myself to cull my magazine collection that lives in the cube shelving.  I filled up a bag with House and Garden magazines that were pre-2010 to send on their way …

One comment

  1. Love this set up, Leanne! That mirror is gorgeous and I love the collection of things in front, especially the plant pot. Must be such a nice welcoming space 🙂


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