holiday project – finish those concrete planters!

Remember those concrete planters I found in hard rubbish and painted white? 

Well all winter they have sat around unchanged, unfinished and underfoot (do you appreciate my 3 ‘un’s – I’m keeping myself amused at least).

But not any more.  The day has come.

I have been stymied by a lack of black paint.  And it was my intention to fancy them up with black because black and white would make them a bit timeless right?

But instead in the end I gave up on this dream and changed to the ‘better finished than not’ philosophy … and so I just used the paint sample in the shed.  

I know, baby pink isn’t REALLY timeless at all is it.  But actually, I suspect that a concrete pot painted white and with clouds is probably NEVER going to be timeless – no matter what colour it is painted.  

So baby pink is just fine.  I think.



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