what grew in our garden

With glorious sunshine on Sunday we tackled our jungle … And some bits of it are nearly now back to resembling a garden (most critically for the neighbourhood our nature strip).

And here’s the winter produce we found out the back in the wine barrel veggie patch (remember I got it from the neighbours up the road??)

So proud!

In saying this of course I am very glad we’re not Barbara Kingsolver* – enough potatoes and spring onions for one potato salad and one other potato side isn’t anything near self-sufficiency is it?

But the fact is, the produce itself was self-sufficient.  Growing despite any love or attention from us.

So my pride is a bit like the pride you have when your kids do something without any help and ALL BY THEMSELVES!

how lovely and purple are they? I am using up the little ones first for a potato salad. I’ll save these big ones for another night!

here’s the potato salad, with the spring onions we grew as well

* have you read her book ‘Animal, Mineral Vegetable: A year of food life‘?

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