when Kmart is at the op shop

I usually don’t buy Kmart at the op shop.  But I found this cushion at The Brotherhood in Brunswick for $2.  And it’s pretty cute.  And I’m sure it would cost at least $3 at Kmart.  So I bought it.  

I had Mietta in mind.  I think a 3 year old would like it.  What do you think Mezzy?  Would Mietta’s mummy like it?

At the minute I’m just practising with it/admiring it on India’s bed.

Oh, and Jemima wants it.  So Mezzy if it’s not your thing let me know …

But unless I get a nay I am going to hold out on Jemima’s requests because Art4All is over and fete season is nearly upon us (I saw the sign up for North Fitzroy Primary School fete yesterday) and I am now officially getting organised for our second hand Christmas.  

I love a second hand Christmas …


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