my soft stool (that I love, love, love)

More than a year ago I bought a fur coat at Savers with the intention of upholstering with it.  And with the chair auction at Art4All looming, and no other great/implementable idea up my sleeve, I finally got cracking.

I had already identified a stool for the project.  Ages ago. And sanded it.  Ages ago.  So on Thursday I bit the bullet and took it to Dad’s for glueing and screwing.  

And then on Friday I picked it up – all done, solid as a rock!  And gave it a final sand and a shellac.

Then reapplied the padding. 

And …. Ta-da!

The colour of the timber looks super with the colour of the fur.

I am so VERY happy with this stool (I am loathe to give it up actually …)


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