I love baking.  Oh no I don’t!

But I found it just too hard to walk past this pair of hand crocheted oven circles/pads/not-quite-mitts at Savers Ringwood.  They had about 6 pairs of them.    In a nice range of colours.  Never been used.  Only $2.99.

That’s crazy right? Imagine the hours of work I them (I can).

And … Then I also bought the cake tray thingy (I am on top of the name of all the gear because I really love baking …) at The Salvos next door.  I have one like it already with the small squares rather than the old long lines.  And I find it a much more user friendly pattern (squares rather than lines that is).  

So now I have 2.  Perfect.  I might even be able to bake double quantities!

First things first.  Perhaps I will be inspired to crack open the packet mix.   It’s been sitting in the cupboard since Christmas.   Well … maybe?


  1. You go girl, I’ll be round for a cupcake after school drop off 😜
    Those hot mats are adorable x


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