when you make 200 serves …

Catering is such a process isn’t it.  I am currently investigating food container options for Art4All for a veggie salad.  

I picked up 3 options at the party shop and whipped up something resembling the salad I expect we’ll have.  Lentils and cous cous and parsley and mint and pomegranate molasses and olives …  With some roast pumpkin and sesame seeds and feta on top.  Yum.

And gave the containers a trial run to see which one looked the best.  Kylie and I both agreed hands down (Kylie came past to pick up Lola right at the critical time) that the square one, pitched as the hamburger container, was the winner.

So here are the efforts to date.  I do think a bit more green wouldn’t go astray … Maybe some baby spinach leaves right at the bottom would be good.  

Pointy end stuff …

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