market mileage

Did you know I went to Camberwell Market last Sunday?  Just joking!  Every post I’ve written this week has had some sort of link or something I bought there in the photos (those poppies are still going strong).

And today’s no exception.

Now this a cool idea … Petrie dishes as gift boxes … I know.  Amazing right?!

I bought them from a lady who was selling them for 4 for $2.  So that’s 50 cents each … Which even by my standards is a bit of a bargain for a nice gift box.

She wasn’t thinking of gift wrapping, she was more the organiser type, suggesting I sort my buttons in to them.  

I’ve kind of taken her idea on board. I’ve packaged up those buttons I made a few weeks ago from air drying clay (remember?).  They turned out okay in the end don’t you think?   And they look extra good in this little clear box.  
I guess the question now is who needs decorative only buttons like this … I think the answer could well be ‘nobody’.   Oh well.  It was cheering up craft, not craft with a purpose!

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