de-stressing with a bit of used bicycle tyre tube craft (as you do)

Julianne look!

Inspired by you I have made friends with some used bicycle tyre tubes and have been crafting my little heart out!  

As per usual I didn’t ACTUALLY check back on the finer points of how you went about it specifically, but just remembered the gist and had a crack myself.

Materials checklist

  • Tyre tubes✔️
  • Zip ties✔️
  • Scissors✔️(I believe my extensive use of these might be where we parted ways)

And ta-da!  Same-same but different.  Which is always a good thing, right?

And I bought the glass bowls at Camberwell market on the weekend.  And made use of the ‘terrarium supplies’ supplied to me by Wendy nearly a year ago now.  And the succulents were left over from the chair Elise and I made for the chair auction at Art4All last year.  

Crafting and cleaning out my cupboards/supplies all at the same time.  How fabulous!


  1. Love, love, love these Leanne. Maybe you can tutor us at a craft club morning? I will provide tea and cake….AFTER art show maybe? Or before if you need respite… Great job. They look FABULOUS

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  2. Leanne these are magnificent! Isn’t the rubber great to play around with? Now I’m inspired! (you can get tubes from Ceres bike workshop area too if you need more!) Oh and p.s. There are no finer points!

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  3. Leanne they look fantastic, my boys were just saying we need to do something with the ‘used’ bike tubes….
    I’m might be able to get the boys into craft….after all 😁


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