pottery – week five

Since I started my pottery course I have been pinning inspiring pottery ideas.  

Like this picture.  These are but Tori Di Pietro Pottery (they were for sale on Etsy at some stage).  I just found the image on Pinterest.

I think everyone could squeeze a nice little pottery planter into their lives, don’t you?

Here are my efforts to date.  I made three with holes.  But mine are much smaller.  And I am not going to glaze them the same.  I just like the idea of the big holes …


So these are getting fired this week.  And then … GLAZING!  And so many options …

I love this look by Shino Takeda.  

And this look by Lauren Mabry.

I wonder if I could make my planters look something a bit like these?  We’ll see.


  1. looks good! I’m hopeless at ceramics – I even failed it at art school and then had to do the subject AGAIN! In the end I worked in porcelain and was a bit more successful…mildly….well…at least I passed it eventually!

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  2. I love the hanging planters! Look forward to seeing the results of glazing and what you create. I just know they will be great!


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