things I should have bought?

I went to The Brotherhood (Brunswick) yesterday.  A quick visit sandwiched between my pottery course at Northcote Pottery and another visit to Boscastle (sausage rolls and spinach rolls this time … hello lazy dinners!  You can tell I am in the throes of organising Art4All and unashamedly off all things domestic).

And I walked around with this 50 cent melamine oversized plate in my hand.  

And I found this $2 stoneware plate as well.

But at the last minute I thought carefully about the already overfilled drawer in my kitchen … and put them back.

And now I am looking at these photos and sort of regretting it.  Not buying them that is.  

Sometimes self control’s not all it’s cracked up to be hey?


  1. Hi Leanne! Those plates are cool, but I guess, how many plates do you need? A hard one, but you probably made the right decision. And if you change your mind, you can always go back next week and buy them, right?

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  2. Oh dear…know the feeling of thinking “I should have bought that”. BUT we have enough stuff already don’t we?! But still…you will be there next week won’t you?

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    1. So true Sue. And if they are there next week maybe they are meant to be … Or alternatively this whole process of writing about letting go has helped me let go … and I won’t want them any more?!


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