a nice tin and a laugh

At the local IGA supermarket this week the kids begged me to buy Arnott’s family assorted biscuits – and not even the assorted creams.   

Apparently they are their favourite biscuits in the whole world.  And they checked the price and told me they were on sale.  And added something along the lines of ‘and look how many biscuits you get for $2.99’.  Then started the please, please, please thing.

I bought them.  If this is the pinnacle of biscuit buying I can deliver.  

But, really, don’t you think these are the most boring biscuits in the whole world?  They remind me of Sunday morning cups of tea after church … and funerals.

So when I opened the packet at home I fancied them up a bit with this old tin.  I think I got it from the bloke at Coburg market who just spreads everything he’s bought from auction in the last week out on a blanket and charges a dollar a piece.  I like the roses.

One comment

  1. Agree, most boring biscuits ever. You expect them to be sale and crumbly and lingering at the bottom of the biscuit barrel.


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