knitted dishcloths (or when lincraft is next to aldi)

So I have been to Aldi at the plaza twice since Lincraft opened up next door.  And guess how many times I have also popped in to Lincraft and ‘just had a look’*?

Yep.  That’d be twice as well.

Oh hello new cotton. Where did you come from?  

And hello new knitting pattern – I am moving on and up in the world of dishcloth knitting with these ‘grandma dishcloths’.

That’s right. First hand cotton and a real pattern (thanks Pinterest).

I made the yellow one while I listened to/half watched two Ted talks. And then I started the blue one while I was talking to Clive about his day (he didn’t get home til 10pm).

And then instead of helping the kids get ready for school in the morning I just did a couple of rows …

I do find patterns where you have to increase and decrease row lengths quite addictive.  You know … it’s so easy at the start because the rows are quite short.   And then there are just a few long rows.  And then you reach the longest row.  And then the rows start decreasing in length and the end is in sight.  

And yep, all of a sudden I am running late … but I have a new dishcloth!

* I bought wool both times.

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