i’ve got a question …

Should I really let my kids play with hard rubbish?  In their bedroom?

I was pondering this thought as I tucked them in to bed and noticed their new favourite toys … pet beds I found in Alphington hard rubbish this year.  I found two matching ones.  Dark grey with little black paws on them.


Now every day I notice new toys in them.  At the moment it’s the dog family.  And the other day I recall that the dogs were wrapped in little blankets in them – obviously going to sleep.

And before that I noticed them full of teddy bears with bandages.  They must have been a hospital then …

I didn’t originally intend them as children’s toys when I collected them mind you.  I got them for the dog and the cat.  But the cat is too big and fat for either of them and the dog wasn’t keen on them.

They sat around for a couple of days before Scarlett snaffled them and found a home for them on the end of her bed.  And so it is … Hard rubbish in the bedroom.

Do your kids play with hard rubbish, or am I the only one?


  1. Very simiar to Merryn – I set up a new playgroup venue years ago, with toys, furniture, bikes etc all sourced from hard rubbish! I’m sure if some of the parents who came to the playgroups would have had a fit if they had known!

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  2. Well….. as a resourceful and treasure (that’s what I call it) – loving kindergarten teacher I have helped many unsuspecting children enjoy hard rubbish over the years. My Mietta thinks we buy everything at the “op shop/tip shop” even our food (which we don’t)- although once I bought a bag of plums from the older ladies at the hospital secondhand and she LOVES ” plum plums” so it left a big impression. So anyway, I believe as an early educator and a parent, in this consumer driven world, that we should be teaching the adults of tomorrow to recycle and re-use. So when I make my own children sit for hours whilst I rifle through second hand goods, I feel quite proud of the fact I am furthering their education! If only we had hard rubbish in the country, they would get to spend hours in the car “learning” too.


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