eBay, let’s be friends

I have never bought anything from EBay.

I sold a couch on EBay once.  The lady who bought it from me was such a pain I think she put me off the whole thing.

Well actually that’s not true.  I have tried to buy things on EBay.  I just haven’t had any luck.  Too many hours in the op shop and not enough exposure to real prices could well be my problem …

Anyway, yesterday I was having the crappiest day, and at about 2pm I officially gave up on being a productive member of society.   

So I had a bath, read a home magazine and ‘turned to my computer like a friend’ (oh Kate Bush, such a great songwriter, and still relevant in 2015).  

More specifically I searched EBay for couches (what goes around comes around).

Here are my two favourite finds.  

I love love love this one.  If anyone has a spare $2000 it would be a perfect birthday present for me?!  

And this one is totally impractical (how do you lie down on it) but it’s cool and happening … And I love the art on the walls in the house where it lives at the moment … Maybe if I had a couch like this the rest of my house would magically transform around it?

But why am I looking at couches on EBay you might ask?

Cos the dog ate ours. See?  It’s only a little bit wrecked.  But it’s annoying me.


One comment

  1. I LOVE that coloured one… Perhaps don’t invest until you are sure the dog has lost taste for couches? 😉

    Also, I can’t believe you’ve never bought anything from eBay! I don’t buy stuff often but if you’re after something very particular (for example, some titles to complete your Sweet Dreams book collection…), then it is ace.

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