cauliflower is my favourite 

I think cauliflower is my favourite vegetable. Apart from potatoes … Which don’t really count in the healthy eating stakes I don’t think (especially in the form of chips … or super creamy mash for that matter).

The thing I usually love about cauliflower is cheesy cauliflower.  Hmmm (not exactly healthy either right).  But then …


Dad sent me round the recipe. It was in the latest be. magazine that comes in the mail if you’re a Medibank Private member.

It is simple.  Cauliflower.  Potatoes.  Tick, tick.  And SO good.  Note the recipe DID recommend a mild curry powder, and I used the Ayam one … It was a bit spicy.  Next time I’ll try it with the old ‘Clive of India’ fave and see if it makes it more universally appealing (ie. would my mum and dad then be able eat it).

And note, clearly in the recipe book they added the coriander before they puréed it.  Which made the soup green.  And I didn’t.  And my soup looks creamy-brown.  But it tastes amazing.  And the chickpeas were super.  

Next shop I’m definitely buying cauliflower again.  Thanks dad!  Thanks Medibank Private!


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