op shopping in Hampton and Brighton

On Friday I went ALL the way to the other side of Melbourne!  Oh, it was hard!

And while I was there I checked out some op shops.  Not ALL the op shops mind you. Just four.

My super quick overview … If you love brown glazed ceramics of the 1980s variety look no further than Hampton and Brighton.  The op shops are a treasure trove of casserole dishes, pots and vases.  Like these little spice jars.  Extra speccy with the red rust glaze don’t you agree?

And so then, down to particulars … I recommend St Vincent de Paul on Hampton Street, Hampton.  THE HANDS DOWN WINNER on Friday.  Lots of good stuff.  With reasonable prices.

Elise (my partner in crime for the day) suggested this was because they had a very obvious and easy to access drop off zone.  She could be right.

Across the road was The Salvos.  With clothes so overpriced I barely bothered looking.  So disappointing.  Op shopping is so dull when there’s no chance of finding a bargain, don’t you think?

And then we went to Biccy’s Op Shop in Brighton.  It was a bit more old school.  Good prices.  Hit and miss stock.  I did get this tea cozy for $1.  Cute huh?  I’ll add it to my growing tea cozy collection …

And finally St Andrew’s op shop also in Brighton.  It was run by volunteers which is good but pretty pricy which isn’t so good.  

However there were some bargains to be found.  For example we found two Swiss Diamond saucepans, $3 and $4 respectively.  Super!

Do you live in this neck of the woods?  Do you have any recommendations for  ‘best op shops’?  Cos I am keen to go back …

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  1. Well Leanne, this is where I grew up. In fact my mum volunteered in the Hampton Street opp shop when I was in primary school and I was dragged along in school holidays! Good memories… I know LOTS of opp shops down that way…my friends and I used to scour them to dress up on the weekends. I used to work in Hampton Street as a teenager in the Coles variety store where I had to key in each number of the price individually… I used to work in a bar in Brighton to pay my way through uni… I crossed the river for love.. (The Yarra that is…) Miss the area… This has brought up a lot of memories for me… Missing my mum and dad… Thanks for the post as it has brought up fond memories of my old neck of the woods… Sue x

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