what i did on wednesday

I started my pottery course at Northcote Pottery.

And this is how messy I was afterwards.

And this is the sorry state of my wheel after 2.5 hours.  If cleanliness has any bearing on the quality of the end product then I am afraid that I am in trouble.

However, saying this, I had a great time and can now centre clay on the wheel and make a shape that somewhat resembles a pot.  How exciting!  

And … Northcote Pottery (no longer in Northcote but now in Weston Street, East Brunswick) is just across the road from this new ‘cafeteria’, owned by friends Ben (and Larissa) who own Pope Joan. 

Good coffee … And I will go back to eat soon.  I might need to take a friend there with me though … It seemed to be a good sharing place.

And … of course … Northcote Pottery is just a hop skip and jump from The Brotherhood, on Barkly Street …

I like these bar stools.  If only I had an island bench they’d now be mine!

I can already tell that Wednesday (for the next 5 weeks at least) is going to be my favourite day!


  1. Pottery is really a great artwork. I remember the time when I was in college, there used to be a competition of clay art and I won it once, it still feels good when I remember it, miss those days.
    It’s a great activity to indulge in. Indeed, Leanne I am sure you will come out with the best.

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  2. Can’t wait to see your creation! I’ve only tried pottery once. I wasn’t very good on the day and for some reason that I can’t remember I never went back. xx

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