why I missed a post …

It was because of this.  Yep.  Jemima’s birthday was yesterday.

And this. 

I know … It doesn’t look like I went to all that much effort … Dumping a bag of jelly babies over a cake from Gusto Bakery on Station Street is definitely cheating in the ‘mummy cake game’.

But … I did cook a middle eastern feast for 15 people on a school night that included lamb with prunes, preserved lemon chicken, tabbouleh, green beans, couscous, beetroot dip, hommous, marinated feta and bread.  

So I figured a delicious bought cake was acceptable.  And the kids thought it looked ace!

And … I also spent a gazillion hours today on this.  But I have now connected up the ‘latest news’ posts with the Facebook page and as a result I am (temporarily) feeling quite technologically capable and modern.

Oh, and it’s the end of the school holidays.

Oh, and it’s cold and wet outside.

Have I made enough excuses yet?

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