dumplings (by Brendan and Lola)

You know I make dumplings quite often.  And generally I either steam them or boil them.

But last week when we were away Brendan and Lola made THEIR FAMOUS (in their family) dumplings and they really and truly were DELICIOUS.

They put the same sort of things inside … pork and veal mince, ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil, spring onions.  A little cabbage.

But then …. they shallow fried them on the bottom in a frying pan and when they were crispy they put a cup of water in the pan and put the lid on, steaming it away.  

And then the dumplings were ready.  

And see how in the picture there are only 3 on my plate?  

Well in fact I ate about 100 gazillion … And then we had the leftovers for lunch the next day (they were really good reheated in the microwave).

Yum.  I’m a convert.


  1. Dumpling, in India we call it Momos, though they are very famous and has many different variety, my children just love them they usually prefer chicken with added vegetables in it. The new thing which I learned from my cook-friend was that after filling he doesn’t made them to boil or steam instead he baked them. I know, it was a surprise for me too, but those were just awesome.
    Between thanks for sharing Leanne, dumpling look tasty and will also make them.

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      1. Hi Leanne, I brushed them with corn oil between you can also use butter for better flavor and I baked them at 365° F for about 20 minutes till they turned light brown. Hope you enjoy them.


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