Yesterday we went to Kyneton.  Elise, Merryn and I left Mum and Dad with 6 of the 8 kids.  With the TRUE intent of just popping in to the op shops in Kyneton.  

3 hours later … 

First we went to the Salvos.  Expensive but it had great clothes.  Elise bought a whole new wardrobe I think.  And a musical jewellery box for Mietta.  Which she loves.

Then we went to the catholic op shop with the fancy name of ‘The Preloved Pedlar’.  It had some great homewares.  See the new pram ‘baby’?  Yep.  A $5 soda stream will now be cluttering up my kitchen bench!

And finally the St Andrews Uniting Op Shop.  Books.  Clothes.  GIANT knitting needles for me!  I have always wanted to knit with rope and now I will be able to.  And free videos out the front …


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