My day yesterday revolved around pies.  We’re taking Dad away for the weekend here to celebrate his 70th birthday.

I think his very own 9 hole golf course is a perfect present for him!

But we are self catering.  And my Dad likes pies.  They could be his favourite food.  Pies, or roast pumpkin.  It’s a toss up.

Anyway, I had a ‘catering’ conversation with Mum at about 10am … would she buy Four’n Twenty pies at the supermarket or not.  Umm, aahh, umm.  In the end we decided not. 

Then 10 minutes later Elise called.  Pies were on her mind as well.   Could I go to Boscastle. Just off Sydney Road Brunswick and buy pies? 16 should do it … 16?

So I gave in to the pie thing.  Clearly pies were going to be part of the experience.  And off I went.

Boscastle is on Barkly Street.  And so is the op shop. The Brotherhood.

I just couldn’t pass by.  I had to go in.

And I found another lovely Ted Baker coat – for me this time.  Only $4 because the stocktake sale is on.  How ace.  I don’t think there could be anything better than an op shop stocktake!

And then I went to Boscastle and umm-ed and aahh-ed so much that the shop assistant suggested that ‘sometimes you can overthink things’.  She was right.  I came away with 12 pies in a variety of flavours that I can’t even be bothered writing down, 12 party pies and 12 sausage rolls.  That should cover it, surely?  I just don’t think the under 5s need their own big pie each?  Do you?  

See … still overthinking.



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