5 (nice) crafty things for kids to make with sticks

So I have been doing some pinning lately, on Pinterest.

Amongst other things I have been investigating crafty activities with sticks and branches.  Things that kids could make with minimal help.  And that would look like they’d been made by crafty kids at the end.

Here’s my top 5 (to date).  

1.  Stars.  I have made some and they were pretty easy and they looked good.  You might remember I had this one on my front door around Christmas last year.

2.   This teepee looks so fab.  I want one.  It would look super in the playground at school.  Or even in our garden …


3.    Natural fairy wands.  You can find the link here.  I am sure the fairies that live in our garden would have wands just like these.  Lovely.


4.   Painted sticks that were pinned from Etsy.  How gorgeous are these colours?

5. An instrument that would actually work.  This one was for sale by Belle Adore on Etsy.  I have seen some that are painted as well.


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