plating up – for fat cats

Our cat Lolly is having a hard time adjusting to the dog. 

She stays outside most of the time now.  And when she comes in she sits on the bench … Well out of reach of the dog.

I miss her cuddles while I watch TV.  And her weight on my feet at night when I am sleeping.

To compensate for the presence of the dog that has taken over her house I have started feeding her in style.  

See my beautiful plating-up?

I think I found the plate itself at the tip shop in Hamilton, and the clip-on handle down at Rosebud.

Actually, the truth is I don’t really know if she’s noticed or cares … But it’s keeping me amused!


  1. Nooo too cute for a cat. For a dog that’s great, but really!!! 😜
    Tis a very beautiful plate


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