bird things

I am not really in to birds.  And I can’t say that mustard is my favourite colour either.

Despite this, there is something about this vase/pot plant holder that REALLY appeals.

We have just inherited it from Clive’s family.  Well … no one else wanted it and I liked it.   Enough to overlook the chip and the crack.   I think the colours together are just so striking.  And I figure with a plant in it no one will ever see the imperfections.

It has some markings on the bottom and I looked them up online.

It is Bejo pottery from Gouda in Holland. 

This pottery features a matt finish, typically has Art Nouveau or Art Deco designs and was mass produced for the middle classes up until 1964.

Just looking at it now is making life cheerier somehow.  Perhaps birds might be my thing after all.  Or mustard.

What do you think?

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