big concrete pots

Hard rubbish … you find what you’re looking for right?

I was looking out for some nice big concrete pots to decorate a la Pop and Scott.  

And I found these on the side of the road.  Well two exactly the same as this one.  They are not exactly smooth and beautiful like the Pop and Scott ones, but they’ll be fine for my purposes.  I like the rough and ready look …


Step 1.  I scrubbed them down.

Step2.  I painted them white.

Step 3.  It’s still to come, but it involves tape and black paint.  

I’ll keep you posted.


  1. Great idea! I drove past a house yesterday with a half dozen big pots- complete with plants- sitting on the front verandah while the house was being pulled down. I was tempted to ask for the pots but figured they would be way to heavy for me to lift! I should have at least asked the workmen to move the pots to the nature strip so someone else could take them.

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