I have a thing for fluffy boots.  It all stems from my endlessly cold feet.  And I inflict my fluffy boot fetish on everyone in the family.

Scarlett is the latest recipient.  I picked up these ‘new’ boots at the op shop last week.    

They’re fluffy.  On the inside.  And fit her perfectly.  I can’t think of anything better than warm feet in the playground!

One comment

  1. They’re as ugly as sin (actually, some are fine) but the shoes from Toe Warmers (Canadian brand) changed my life. I never really thought I was cold… and then I got these (to take to London) – didn’t wear them in London because it wasn’t really cold enough but wear them every weekend here while I have to stand for hours on the sidelines at footy/ lacrosse etc. I’ve never been so warm.


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