I used to work with a guy who travelled in to Melbourne every day from Gisborne, which is near Bacchus Marsh, on the way to Ballarat.  He caught the train.  And I always imagined Gisborne as outer suburbia.  And I wondered why he lived there.

Yesterday I finally took the Gisborne exit off the freeway.  Because Jemima had soccer there.  And it was SOOO much better than I anticipated.  Like a little country town.  But with a good amount of shops.  In a picturesque valley.  I can now see the appeal.

But it was really cold.  I swear to god it was sunny when I got up in Melbourne.  I took my down jacket in case of emergencies – thank goodness!  As we approached Gisborne this dark cloud hovered and the wind whipped up.  Gisborne weather was described on the weather app. as ’11 degrees, feels like -1 degree’.  Yep.  I was cold in my jacket.  I had to go buy a beanie as well.

Luckily the monthly market was on and I found a good one there.  And got to admire loads of knitting and crochet … and I sought out some crochet tips. 

But I digress.  Because I wanted to mention the cool cafe there.  Three Little Pigs.  And the owners last name.  Not Mr Wolf – which would have been good too – but Mr Bacon (I was taking a photo and his Dad who was cleaning the table next to ours told me).  How fun!


 I liked the decor.  Look, a number like my house numbers.  I like it in red.  Look, wooden boxes.  With a variety of pigs on display.  Nice.  And the reclaimed chairs.  And the little boxes on the tables.  And the brown glass bottle for the sugar …  I wonder if these came from Mr Vintage in Sparks Avenue …

It was packed, the cafe.  And had a great little kids area.  Better than so many places in my ‘hood.

What a great place to play soccer!  I came home and felt like I’d done something and been somewhere …so much better than the back blocks of Preston.  


  1. It’s a gorgeous little town and the market is one of my very favourites! I’ll definitely have to check out that café next time I’m up there – it looks absolutely adorable.


  2. We went to the Gisbourne market last month – great market, terrific food too! Woodend is just a bit futher up the road, and it has a nice farmers maket/ monthly craft market too. Anywhere along the Great Dividing Range is always a few degrees colder!

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