the hard rubbish ‘pet store’


 I am not suggesting that you can get actual pets from hard rubbish … of course not!

But pet accessories on the other hand, are a dime a dozen … Well actually free, and everywhere.

One year I got Tahlia this fish tank.  It was on the side of the road.  With the filter and everything.  And I think I then also found the plastic weeds and sand in someone else’s pile. So I just bought the goldfish themselves.  What an ace present, right?  This little fishy is kicking on strong three years later in it’s salvaged home.

And last year I got the chookhouse.  

And this year I picked up a variety of dog beds … for Charley to try.  

she’s now using this one in the kitchen

And if I thought there was any chance she would sleep outside I would have brought home one of the 30 bazillion dog kennels that were being tossed.  But I know there’s none.


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