I was looking at my baby photos today.

It’s so super how these days you can just photograph your old photos, give them a crop and a new border and they look great.  And there’s no need for a filter on this snap … It’s got the genuine fade … From1972.

But, what I wanted to say is … check out our couch. It makes me laugh because mum and dad loved this couch.  Danish Deluxe.  Wool upholstery.  Fabulous daisies, in beautiful olive and cream tones.  It’d cost a bomb today.  And I’d love to have it.

But I tell you, in the 1980s it was just sooo uncool.  Mum held out for ages, but much to our teenager relief finally traded ‘up’ to one of those puffy cream velour numbers. And I think this one found a new home via a garage sale …

Maybe we’ll all be doing the same in a few years … I notice that puffy is reemerging at IKEA …. the tide might be turning already.


  1. Gorgeous photo Leanne! Your mum was obviously a visionary. I never even thought of simply photographing old photos! I have had a bunch of Dad’s old family SLIDES from the 70s digitised at great cost… but must try just taking photos of some of the old snaps to see how that works out.

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