op shop books (and audio books)

Elise listened to this series by Emily Giffin on BorrowBox (the digital borrowing system at Darebin library) and I tried.

I started ‘Something Borrowed’ ages ago but you know, it takes so long when someone is reading a book out loud.

It’s not often that I have 10+ hours to set aside.  And I have found that I have to concentrate on listening, otherwise my head thoughts take over and I miss hours of the story.

For me it is a challenge in mindfulness.  Can I actively live in the moment for hours on end … Just listening …

Last week I found ‘Something Blue’ at the op shop for $2 and couldn’t pass it up.  I started it mid afternoon and finished it before tea.  I have no problem setting everything aside to read a book cover to cover …

 And then of course I wanted to read the first one in the series.  I checked out if BorrowBox  had a digital version, but no, just the audio … So I borrowed it again and took a another go at listening.

Luckily yesterday I had a sore tummy, and so I lazed around all day.  And really listened.

Last night as I went to sleep I was on to the last 4 chapters. This morning I woke up and replayed the last 2.  And didn’t remember any of it… Clearly I fell asleep mid ending.

But … Yay!  My first completed audio book (and I am feeling inspired to re-borrow Burial Rites, which was so beautiful to listen to, but even longer … I only got through 6 hours of that one first time round … I think there’s another 10 hours to go).


  1. I have borrowed audio books from the library when my kids were younger, and the 11 y/o still borrows one now & then. But I agree it is faster to read it yourself- I think listening would put me to sleep too! Plus I am a very fast reader. Especially if the rest of the household is watching football on tv over the weekend…managed to read the “Divergent” trilogy over the weekend, & the teenager who borrowed it is only half way through book 2!

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  2. I usually have an audiobook on the go but always something light because I get distracted. Mostly listen to them in the car, while I’m cooking or folding laundry!

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