markit (the day i rode my bike to town)

This week you might think that I am living in the past.  Last Sunday to be exact.  It was a great day!  I went to Markit at Federation Square in the morning.  On my bike.

And I showed ENORMOUS restraint and only bought 2 things.  An Angus and Celeste hanging planter that I generously gifted to Clive.  And a super print by Elizabeth Barnett.  The colours are great.  And it looks excellent in a black frame.  And I feel like I am in the vibe of her current show on at the new Gallery associated with the Design Files (which I have actually only seen in photos on Instagram).  

Anyway … Along the way I took note (and a snap or two) of the second hand stall styling in amongst admiring the wares on offer. 

I think this block to display jewellery is a great idea


This rack was made by the stall owners Dad and husband (I asked)


Boxes, boxes, boxes … and the planter for the dangles is a good idea too


A nice collection of suitcases that double as, well, suitcases to lug the stock around

And finally, here are three new things that I haven’t seen before that I really liked.  I am thinking about suppliers for the gallery shop at Art4All ….


Two Sourced is in Abbotsford, just a hop, skip and a jump from Fairfield


This print is by


I was drawn to these black and white resin pots … and to Keep Resin’s nice big salad servers

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  1. Looks like you had a great time! Great pics.. Thanks for sharing. Will have to venture in to city one day…


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