little concrete planters (they’re done)


My little concrete pots are complete.

I had a ‘finishing off day’ the other day.

First I hung up some art around the house (always such a hard decision-y job) and then, inspired to action, I got out the paint. I repainted a metal stand for hanging things for display from cream to black.  It just wasn’t cool in cream … what was I thinking? In the process I finished off two half used cans of ‘Fiddly Bits Gloss Black’ which was excellent in terms of reducing the amount of things I have hanging around.

And when I was looking through the spray paint in the cupboard I came across a can of satin varnish.  JUST WHAT I NEEDED, right?

And so, while my metal stand was drying on the lawn I sprayed the little concrete pots as well.

And then, when they were dry I added some potting mix, and some succulents.

They are now all sitting happily in a line on the window sill in the kitchen.







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