dear karen

Dear Karen (Martini),

Thank you!  Thank you for your recipe for Rhubarb and Ginger Clafoutis* published in The Age last Tuesday.  I think this might be THE BEST DESSERT I HAVE EVER TASTED!  Ever.  In my whole 42 years on earth.  Really.  We ate it with vanilla ice cream on Sunday night and it was sooooo good.

And perhaps the icing on the cake for me (although there was no icing as such involved) – Clive made it. 

That is, it was home made.  In our home.  But not by me.  NOT ME.  AT ALL.  And I didn’t even have to do the dishes. YAY!

Thanks again.  


*note I think Clive grated the ginger instead of slicing it (my contribution to the whole thing was locating the grater) which may/may not be important as the ginger/rhubarb combo was THE KEY!


  1. Wow that looks yumo. Next time make sure you invite your neighbours … Well the ones around the corner anyway 😛


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