found #4 (a new door)

I am attempting to show some restraint.  So I am feeding you in dribs and drabs with my hard rubbish treasures.  Here’s a good one.

My new back door!

I saw it at 5pm at night.  I was attracted because, 

  1. It had a glass top, and 
  2. It had a precut doggy door.

So, I thought about it for a while, mentioned it to Clive, slept on it … and woke at 6am to go and get it.  Clive helped.  It was just around the corner.  We put it on the roof of my car.

And then … I called Dad.  Handy dads are so ace, aren’t they?


Dad spent 2 days on this project, and stayed til 8pm putting in the lock .

Actually, as always, it was a bit trickier than I imagined.  But two days later and ta da!  The door has had about an inch off on each side (and at the top) and has been filled where the old handles used to be.  The deadlock from the old door has been put on and is working.

The holes in the doorframe where the deadlock used to be have been filled, and obviously, new holes have been cut.

And the doggy hole has been widened, packed out and the doggy door has gone in.  Hooray.   It looks ace!  Now I just need to get out the trusty tube of ‘no more gaps’, and some paint and a brush.
Thanks (once again) dad.  


  1. Your dad is an absolute legend Leanne! I sooo want to borrow him! Good find in hard rubbish! Look forward to viewing more finds… Ali and I have not been out together yet… Unless she has gone without me!

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