new craft – weaving

Do find that sometimes, when you are sitting in bed with a cup of coffee, looking at Pinterest on a Saturday morning, that you are suddenly overwhelmed with the urge to take up a new craft.

I know just how you feel.  It happens to me ALL the time.

This past weekend, at about 8am I was suddenly struck by the urge to weave.

I was taken by these images.  You can find all the links and credits for these amazing creations here.

And as a result I got up, found some cardboard, opened the wool draw and had a first crack.


Actually, this is my third attempt.  Hmm … It’s a bit boring isn’t it?  I think I need much fatter yarn, maybe with some bobbly bits.  And some pom poms.  I’ll keep trying …



  1. I have been resisting the urge for some time – there is a “brand new from the op shop” weaving loom sitting in a box under the bed just waiting to be used…..and some where else is another box with a “blue sky and white fluffy clouds” woven wall hanging I made a looong time ago waiting to be rediscovered and hung on a wall!

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