a fuzzy green jumper

This week I read about how every wardrobe needs a fuzzy jumper.  As part of a ‘French minimalist wardrobe’ or something.  Which apparently has 7 items.  Amazing I thought.  How could anyone have only 7 things in their wardrobe?  Because of course I have 20 gazillion … 

But actually, when I started reading the detail  the first item was 3 long sleeve t-shirts in black, grey and white.   Phew, that’s not really 1 is it?  Maybe this concept was for me.

But there was a white shirt in there.   And a blazer.  And I started thinking that I never wear shirts or blazers, and that perhaps this idea wasn’t a good fit after all.  Even though of course I aspire to be gorgeously French and chic in my styling.

But then it mentioned a fuzzy jumper (well perhaps a cashmere sweater) and I thought, yes!  Because I just bought a new (to me) mohair fuzzy jumper from the op shop, in the most fabulous mid green. 

I’ve been wearing it …a lot.  

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