when a cake is a rice cake …

My mum specialises in novelty birthday cakes.  When I was little I had the most fabulous of fabulous cakes.  

I fondly recall an amazing castle cake that featured liquorice all sorts and toblerones … and a super robot cake that featured alfoil and pink musk sticks. 

I wonder if Hamish will remember with equal fondness the cake Mum made him for his birthday this week in 30 odd years time?

Because, as Mum said, she made it using his favourite food (and now here’s a call out to the gluten intolerant – perhaps this is the cake of your dreams as well) …

Yes, as you can see, the cake is actually rice cakes, stuck together with peanut butter.  With some marshmallows on the top.  And candles of course.  Yum?

Hamish was delighted.  And he wolfed it down for afternoon tea.  Specifically he had two rice cake sandwiches (that’s four rice cakes in total) and two marshmallows.

Mum was right.  It REALLY was his favourite food.  She knows her novelty cakes (and reads her audience well).  Happy birthday Hamish!  

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